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The New Strideline Full-Knit Sock

4 Qualities | 120 Pair Minimums | Low Prices

Combed Cotton Blend

Stronger and softer than standard cotton.

Higher quality with less impurities.

Thermal Regulating Design

Weave designed specifically to comfort the masses with constantly cold toes in the winter and sweaty feet in the summer.

Memory Yarns

Socks that learn and adapt to your unique foot. Strideline socks feel custom designed for your foot after just a few wears. 

5-Ply Grippy Yarns

Eliminates annoying slippage much better than 1-ply socks.

Micofilament Yarns

Much finer and softer than other socks.

Compression Padding System

Select Terry Pads form to support your foot where it needs it most.

Arch Support

Supports your arch with firm yet comfortable padding.

Sweat Vents

Strategically located to maximize wicking of sweat.


Why do socks break down, fall down, or open up holes in just a few months? Go ahead, beat up our socks!

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind our product and our customers.

Air Vents

Keeps feet dry and helps regulate temperature by shuttling sweat away from the foot so it quickly evaporates.

Invisible Toe Seam

No toe bunching or pain.

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